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“I was reading your latest Baton article “Unsolicited Offers” and immediately remembered the call from someone telling me they wanted to buy DCi. As you know, it turned out to be one of those “too good to be true” deals. I hope your story saves someone from going through the nightmare we did. I’m so glad we got together with you for our second go at it. Thanks again to BCC Advisers for a fantastic job selling DCi!”

Nile Cornelison, Former owner, Direct Communications, Inc. (DCi)

“The employees and customers of Baker Electric have made the company what it is today. The top priority in any transaction was to find a partner that could ensure a seamless transition for our team and valued customers with the ability to continue to invest in future growth opportunities. I truly believe BCC and the rest of our deal team have been successful accomplishing this objective.”

Britt Baker, CEO, Baker Electric

“BCC was able to present us with a wide range of buyers, which enabled us to selectively focus on the one we felt would provide the best fit and the most upside potential for our employees and our customers.”

Kelly Milligan, Founder, KELTEK, Inc.

“The collaboration between DealHaus and BCC Advisers in identifying, contacting and negotiating with Entrust Global Group was seamless. It felt like we were working with one firm with global offices, rather than with two separate firms.”

Michael Stehr Lilhav, Owner, Arcane Tinmen ApS

“We knew having BCC lead us through a competitive sale process would be instrumental to ensuring we received the best price, terms, and fit for our business. But we also ended up relying on BCC’s expertise to manage the complexities of navigating a sale to Sterling, a firm that was not on our radar but was acquiring the company we very much thought would be the best fit as a buyer.”

John Willmore, Co-owner, Stetson Building Products, Inc.

"BCC's assistance was critical in transitioning our ownership to the next generation. You took the time to listen carefully to make sure you understood our goals, explored options, and suggested creative solutions that fully met our needs. We have had a very successful outcome! I would strongly suggest that anyone considering ownership succession should talk with BCC. Thank you for what you have done for Infomax and the Jacobs family!"

Stephen W. Jacobs, Chairman, Infomax Office Systems

“This transaction would not have been possible without the assistance of BCC’s team.  They had a strong understanding of the complexities involved with the partial ESOP ownership and effectively handled communication and negotiations between all parties involved.  We are pleased with the outcome and believe LongWater and Standard Merchandising are ideal partners to continue Fox River’s legacy as a Midwest-based manufacturer of high quality socks.”

John Lessard, CEO and Co-owner, Fox River Mills, Inc.

“Using BCC Advisers was essential in fairly evaluating this acquisition opportunity, assisting with negotiations through an auction process, and the timely closing of a transaction that will be beneficial to our growth through expansion of product offerings and geographic footprint.”

Mike Hale, Vice President, Quick Supply Co.

“When my wife and I decided to transition our business, we reached out to BCC for guidance and counsel.  While I was familiar with their firm and their strong reputation I must say, they exceeded my expectations. They helped me understand how an ESOP structure works and what implications the transaction would have for my business, my employees and for my wife and I as owners of the business. The new employee owners at Palmer Group and I are extremely grateful for the high-quality service provided by BCC.”

Austin Palmer, President, Palmer Group

“We engaged BCC to consult with us on refining that criteria so we would more effectively target those companies that better fit our size, geography, customer focus, product type, management team, and culture objectives. BCC then identified and contacted prospective acquisition targets on our behalf, ultimately finding us a unique opportunity to acquire a business that had a similar story to ours, but with enough key differences to make the mutual fit attractive to both parties.”

Darin Massner, CEO, Country Maid

“The further we dug into Dutch Country’s business, the more we realized it had a very similar story to our own. It was a really good fit for both sides, and we will certainly do our best to be good stewards for both businesses going forward. Though there were definitely times when a successful transaction seemed uncertain, BCC’s experience, patience, and expert guidance throughout enabled us to navigate the challenges, complete the transaction, and begin the next chapter in our story.”

Jim Schonert, COO, Country Maid

"We are extremely pleased with the work done by BCC Advisers. We have always appreciated the quality of your analysis, your professional and personable employees, your interest in truly understanding our business, your timeliness, and your commitment to helping us understand the appraisal. BCC is a trusted advisor to our ESOP and we would strongly recommend BCC to any potential client."

Rick Pearson, CFO, Absolute Group

“BCC’s thorough understanding of our firm, the services we provide and the objectives of the owners was key to the success of the sale process and ultimately in negotiating the agreement to sell to Engineering Systems, Inc.”

Dan Kruger, Owner, Demonstratives, Inc.

"BCC was instrumental in helping us find an ideal financial partner to fund several growth initiatives of our rapidly growing business. Not only was the partner chosen an excellent strategic fit, the vetting process BCC employed allowed management to focus on day-to-day business operations during the entire process and ultimately helped our team negotiate a transaction that maximized value for all stakeholders."

Dave Arringdale, CEO, Intoxalock

“When we started the strategic planning process, there was significant uncertainty as to the direction we should go. Leveraging BCC’s expertise throughout the process, I felt we had the guidance and support to make informed tactical decisions for our members. The sale to POET at this price, terms, and timing would not have been possible without BCC.”

Lynn Phillips, Chairman, Tall Corn Ethanol, LLC

“BCC has provided the annual appraisal for our ESOP for many years. They are always available to discuss questions and provide insights into the appraisal and the potential impact on ESOP stock value of possible actions. We strongly recommend BCC.”

Don Heidemann, Chief Financial Officer, Stellar Industries, Inc.

"We routinely utilize BCC for acquisition projects. This allows me to concentrate on my business.  I know that BCC will evaluate various methods to accomplish a deal and will outline the potential benefits and drawbacks to me before concluding the transaction on a timely basis."

Mark Clark, President, Electronic Engineering Co.

“We asked BCC to find a buyer for the SMART-TILL division who not only valued the business we built, but who would also take care of our customers going forward and make an investment to realize the full potential of this technology and the brand. They were able to negotiate a successful transaction on all those fronts, and we fully believe SMART-TILL is in good hands under the new ownership of T.G. Schmeiser.”

Don Bickel, Executive Vice President, HCC, Inc.

"With a thorough understanding of our long-term objectives, BCC Advisers was able to assist us with a strategic acquisition, locating a company that was an ideal fit. This partnership has made us a stronger company for our customers and employees by adding additional capacity to our operation."

Jon Troen, President, Rock Communications and Colorfx

“This is an extremely exciting new venture not only for us, but for the whole industry.  The ability to work through the many obstacles presented to us in accomplishing this acquisition is a testament to BCC’s innovative leadership and the guidance of my advisory team as a whole.”

Gary Chamness, Owner, Chamness Technology, Inc.

"BCC's experience in navigating the treacherous waters of an auction process, keeping the necessary activity on track and maintaining the focus on the essential elements in completing a successful deal was a tremendous help."

John Hale, President, Quick Supply Co.

"Many of our distributor clients were shocked, not by the sale, but by the fact that they didn't hear about it until I called the day after we closed. They also couldn't believe we got a deal of this quality done in today's market. BCC did an excellent job of maintaining confidentiality throughout the course, while at the same time combing the market and securing a favorable offer."

Ed Parsons, Owner, Shaver Manufacturing Co.

"With such a large number of stakeholders, we knew it was vital to go out to the entire market so that all could be confident we were getting the most attractive offer available. Working with BCC enabled us to accomplish this."

Sam Cogdill, Chairman, Amaizing Energy, LLC

"We saw an attractive acquisition opportunity and knew BCC would be a key member of a successful team that could make it happen. With their experience in managing the complexities of a business transfer, along with our desire (and that of our prospective acquisition) for the joint benefits this transaction would provide, terms were negotiated for a successful closing on all accounts."

Jan Miller Straub, President & CEO, The Straub Corporation

“Thank you for all of your efforts on this valuation project. I had some tight deadlines and you guys did a fantastic job pulling everything together."

Eric McDonald, DocuTAP

"One of the keys to our successful acquisition was the experience BCC brought early on to help our group crystallize its objectives and criteria for an acquisition target. The expertise that Steve Jacobs and the BCC team provided throughout this entire process, from establishing objectives to final negotiations, was extremely valuable."

Don Dunn, President, Universal Manufacturing Company

"It was critical to maintain confidentiality throughout the sale process, as well as going forward. Without the professional assistance of BCC Advisers, I don't know that we could have accomplished this while also running the business."

Barbara Paradise, Owner, Valley Anesthesia

"Simply put, we could not have completed the sale without BCC; they were critical to the process and the favorable outcome."

Steve Currell, Vice President, First Bank & Trust
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