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Business Advisory Services

With a reputation of being the premier service provider, our team of investment bankers, accredited analysts and expert witnesses is happy to assist you when you require merger and acquisition, valuation, or litigation support services.

BCC Advisers: Business Transfer & Acquisition StrategyMergers & Acquisitions

Whether representing a buyer or a seller in a business ownership transfer, BCC’s professionals are experienced in utilizing a variety of M&A processes and strategies which can be tailored to the objective of your transaction.
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BCC Advisers: Business Valuation ServicesBusiness Valuation

Our accredited analysts have extensive experience providing comprehensive business valuation services for a broad range of purposes, including ESOPs, succession planning, and financial reporting.  We take pride in providing well-reasoned, objective appraisal reports that our clients can use in their decision-making processes.  Click here to learn more.

BCC Advisers: Forensic Accounting, Expert Witness, Litigation SupportLitigation Support

Called upon by both plaintiffs and defendants, BCC’s professional advisers serve as expert witnesses or consultants for litigated matters.  We assist through all phases of litigation, handling multiple aspects of case preparation, leaving the attorney free to focus on the intricacies of the law.
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