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Volume 20, Issue 2 - 2023

  • Differentiating Yourself as a Buyer
    When it comes to M&A, it’s not just about the numbers. Successful acquisitions require a more nuanced approach that considers all stakeholder objectives. Companies that can demonstrate their appreciation for this, as well as effectively communicate their value-add as a buyer, will differentiate themselves, opening more doors and winning more auction processes in a competitive acquisition environment.

  • Cruising to New Opportunities
    Companies can be presented with changing market dynamics, management transitions, strong buyer interest, and other compelling circumstances that advocate selling the business may be the best option for stakeholders. This also applies, on occasion, to companies owned by an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). BCC used our expertise in this area to help Hockenberg Newburgh find a strong strategic partner.

  • McCully Winds up with Windings
    Windings, a provider of electromagnetic motor solutions, has recently completed the acquisition of McCully Corporation, an engineering and manufacturing services provider specializing in high-performance electric motors and generators for industries such as aerospace, defense, and medical. While strategically important for Windings, McCully benefits from joining this 100% ESOP-owned company.

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Volume 20, Issue 1 - 2023

  • BCC Advisers Offers International Reach
    Completing an acquisition is difficult enough when doing so domestically, but there are additional challenges presented with a cross-border transaction. What factors do you need to consider? What are the additional risks, and how can you mitigate them? BCC answers these questions and discusses our AICA resources, a clear advantage for our clients seeking an international deal.

  • An Electric Westward Expansion
    Every M&A transaction is unique in its own right, and transactions involving ESOPs add additional complexities. With BCC’s expertise in this arena we were able to help Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest achieve its desired geographic expansion by identifying an ideal candidate and guiding it through the acquisition process to purchase Utah-based Rydalch Electric.

  • APO Changes Leadership
    Although the thought of selling your business to a competitor can be uncomfortable for many reasons, if your values align and the company meets your established objectives, a competitor could generate the highest value to you as an owner and provide the most benefit to your employees and community. BCC had the opportunity to help our client, APO, accomplish all this with its sale to Hanger, Inc., APO’s competitor and one of the largest clinical providers of orthotic and prosthetic services in the U.S.

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Volume 19, Issue 2 - 2022

  • Importance of Next Level Leadership
    What steps can a business owner take to improve the marketability and value of their business? We have a few tips that will help you transition your expertise to the next generation.

  • Management Meeting Advice for Sellers
    Bringing the management team of a prospective buyer into your company is on par with meeting the family for the first time in a dating relationship. Could be stressful! But by leveraging best practices and properly planning, management meetings can be an invaluable way to get a buyer excited about purchasing your company. Here are some considerations.

  • Ready to Expand
    With substantial market interest in their company, second generation owners of Hamilton Redi-Mix take a proactive and strategic approach to selling their business. Early preparation allowed BCC to guide them to a successful sale to Concrete Supply.

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Volume 19, Issue 1 - 2021

  • Solving Workforce Shortages via Acquisition
    Ask a business owner to name top challenges faced today, and the availability of quality workers is almost guaranteed to be on their list. Here we discuss one way you can address this problem within your company.

  • Bracing for an Exciting Future
    From a faith-based dream starting in a garage to teaming with a publicly traded company, BCC client MD Orthopaedics engaged BCC to advise on its sale to a like-minded company with an international network. This was a win-win for two organizations that are changing the lives of children and their families.

  • Reaching for the Summit
    This transaction is a fitting example of how a company can benefit from BCC’s expertise in assisting an ESOP-owned company through a sale. Valley Machining Company, a Rock Valley, Iowa-based company, did just that to partner with Summit Equity Group.

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Volume 18, Issue 3 - 2021

  • Capital Expenditures and Cash Flow
    When selling your business, it is important to understand how capital expenditures, or “cap ex,” can affect your company’s valuation. We discuss the two major categories of cap ex, and how each is perceived by prospective buyers.

  • Climbing to New Heights
    Looking to grow its geographic market, Carlisle, Iowa-based Murphy Tower Service (MTS), a leading provider of wireless and wireline infrastructure services, looked to BCC to find an ideal acquisition candidate. With talented employees and a similar corporate culture focused on safety and quality, BCC identified East River Tower who ultimately joined the MTS team.

  • Deveron Corp. Acquires Agronomic Solutions
    Access to information can have a significant impact on production and returns in the agriculture industry. Recognizing their valuable role in an endeavor to assist farmers increase yields, reduce costs, and improve farm outcomes through leveraging digital data collected across North America, the owners of Agronomic Solutions hired BCC to advise them on their sale to Deveron Corp.

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Volume 18, Issue 2 - 2021

  • Confidential Auctions: The Right Choice for Selling Your Business
    As a business owner, it’s likely you’ve received unsolicited acquisition interest in your company. If you decide to pursue selling, how do you know if you are obtaining the maximum value for the enterprise you have built? A confidential auction process can help ensure just that.

  • Establishing Your Acquisition Criteria
    A key factor for a successful transaction, as a buyer, is knowing your ideal acquisition target. With a multitude of quantitative and qualitative criteria to be evaluated and prioritized ahead of any acquisition process, we outline some of the most common considerations.

  • Exploding Across the Country
    BCC had the opportunity to represent long-time client and explosives expert, Quick Supply Co., in their latest acquisition. Read about their expanding footprint.

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Volume 18, Issue 1 - 2021

  • How has COVID-19 Impacted the M&A Process?
    The merger and acquisition market has not been immune to the pandemic. Though selling your business looks a bit different in the current environment, buyers remain active and valuation multiples continue to be attractive for quality businesses.

  • Finding a Partner to Maintain Quality
    Divesting a division of your company is sometimes necessary to expand your core product or service. BCC helped Maintainer Corporation of Iowa find a partner who not only had the right expertise to complete current orders for Maintainer Custom Bodies, but who would also maintain the quality and customer focus for which MCB is known.

  • Muncie Aviation Takes Des Moines Flying Service Under its Wing
    With a management team approaching retirement and an ownership group seeking liquidity, it was time for a transition of ownership of Des Moines Flying Service. DMFS relied on BCC to approach buyers in strict confidentiality and find the best possible partner to continue the company’s long, well-earned legacy for years to come.

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Volume 17, Issue 1 - 2020

  • Partnering with a Financial Buyer
    Financial buyers aim to leverage their financial resources and experience to build and grow businesses. Here you will learn more about financial buyers and what to consider before selling your business to one.

  • Locating the Right Match
    Midland GIS Solutions was an attractive acquisition target for many companies. Learn how BCC assisted its management team in finding the right strategic partner to help expand geographically in order to continue its growth path.

  • What is a Search Fund
    Here we explain how search funds can solve a variety of issues facing business owners evaluating exit strategies.

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