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Windings Inc. Acquires McCully Corporation

December 2, 2022

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BCC Advisers is pleased to announce our client, Windings Inc., a leading global manufacturer of precision engineered motors and motor components, has acquired California-based McCully Corporation. BCC served as Windings' investment banker and advised in negotiations throughout the acquisition process.

Windings acquired McCully on November 30 in a move that will significantly expand capabilities and benefit its customers. Windings has been a provider of electromagnetic motor solutions for over 50 years. Its renowned expertise in delivering solutions with extremely tight tolerances and highest precision allows it to tackle the toughest designs in electric motor components. This acquisition represents an opportunity for Windings to penetrate target markets on the West Coast.

McCully Corp. logoEstablished in 1978, McCully provides engineering and manufacturing services in high technology electric motor applications. Similar to Windings, McCully is ISO9001/AS9100 certified and manufactures electro-magnetic parts used by leading international companies in space, defense, and commercial aircraft industries.

Having a location in California will enable Windings to accelerate deliveries to customers in the Western U.S. and expand capacity nationwide. McCully shares Winding’s commitment to quality and aligns well with Windings’ strong employee-centered culture.

“This is an exciting time for the team at McCully and our customers. Windings enhances our inhouse production strengths and expands our supply channels. They add a proven design capability that is integrated with production. This not only allows us to offer more solutions but speeds development. And, best of all, they love their workers as much as we do!” - Dan Snyder, President of McCully Corporation

“Our combination enhances virtually every element of our business. It will broaden our platforms to provide optimized electromagnetic solutions for performance critical applications in our industries. We are confident that together we can generate long-term, sustainable value for our employee owners and superior products to our customers.” - Heather Braimbridge-Cox, President and CEO of Windings Inc.

About Windings Inc.
Windings Inc. is an employee-owned company headquartered in New Ulm, Minnesota. Founded in 1965, Windings provides engineered electromagnetic solutions, including custom rotor and stator components, motors, and generators, for critical applications in a variety of industries. Windings prides itself as a leader and full-service provider in the designing, testing, and manufacturing of electric motors, and related components including rotors, stators, lamination stacks, and insulation systems. Windings partners closely with clients throughout the product development process to provide tailored solutions that are optimized for performance and production. Learn more at https://www.windings.com.

About McCully Corporation
Established in 1978, McCully Corporation provides engineering and manufacturing services in high technology electric motor applications, specializing in providing fabrication and assembly services to those companies who wish to subcontract their own electrical motor designs. McCully performs a host of services for its clients, all of which are done to the highest quality specifications within the industry. Most importantly, McCully works with its clients to ensure both accuracy and satisfaction in all projects. McCully manufactured parts can be found inside the products from many of the world’s most recognizable companies and clients include many of the leading domestic and international names in the aerospace, defense, and commercial electrical motor industries.

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