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Muncie Aviation Company Announces the Acquisition of Des Moines Flying Service

January 6, 2021

Muncie Aviation Company (MAC) announced the January 1, 2021, acquisition of Des Moines Flying Service (DMFS), a step that merges two of the longest-standing Business and General Aviation sales and service centers in the world.

BCC Advisers managed the sale process for DMFS.

Established in 1939 by Howard Gregory, DMFS has evolved into one of the largest general aviation sales and service outlets worldwide. DMFS is an Authorized HondaJet Dealer, and notably has been an Authorized Piper Aircraft Dealer for over 75 years. Collectively DMFS has sold and supported thousands of new and used aircraft to customers all around the globe.  

As the longest-ranking Piper dealer in the world, Muncie Aviation Company will be further bolstering its sales and service capabilities with the acquisition of Des Moines Flying Service. The two working as one will solidify their legacies for years to come.

Muncie Aviation leadership will fill the executive DMFS roles, with Steve Thompson acting as President and Martin Ingram as Chairman.

“We would like to thank Don Jay and John Lowe of Des Moines Flying Services for making this win-win acquisition possible. We look forward to taking our common values and business drives and expanding on DMFS’s already considerable abilities,” said Steve Thompson. “The DMFS team has much to be proud of, and my teammates and I look forward to working with them as partners.”

About Muncie Aviation Company

Founded in 1932 by the Ball Brothers, Muncie Aviation has earned an industry-wide reputation as a leader in aircraft sales, service and avionics maintenance and upgrades. After 73 years of ownership, the Ball family sold the company to the employees in 2004, and the company became, and remains today, an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). Muncie Aviation is currently an authorized aircraft sales dealer for two aircraft manufacturers: Daher (TBM) and Piper Aircraft.

About Des Moines Flying Service

Known for decades of experience in general aviation aircraft, DMFS offers a wide variety of aviation products and services. DMFS has been a mainstay at the Des Moines International Airport providing on-call maintenance and scheduled service work 24/7. Originally appointed as a Piper Distributor by William T. Piper himself, today DMFS is an exclusive Piper Dealer for six states. In 2006, DMFS was selected by Honda America to sell and service the HondaJet and is now the sole dealer in twelve Midwestern states.

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